About Tsukiyo to Syonen

We support the creative development of artists, and promotes exchange through arts and music programs. The first place was established as an independent gallery in 2008 Osaka, Japan. Many emerging artists have held experimental and superior exhibitions. The place had played a role in not only a gallery for exhibition, but also for performances, workshops, and concerts. After quitted having specific space as a gallery in 2012, Tsukiyo to Syonen has started to organize arts programs in all around the country and abroad.

The origin of our name

We would like to spare little more time and explain what the origin of our name ‘月夜と少年 Tsukiyo to Syonen’ is. Mimei Ogawa, a famous writer of juvenile literary around early 1900’s, wrote a short story in same title ‘Tsukiyo to Syonen’. ’Tsukiyo to Syonen’ means moonnight with boys in Japanese. In the story, two boys came from far country side as an apprenticeship, even never knew about their name each other. They had been a friend of each other while gazing the moon together reminded their family in hometown. We thought that their state between the boys gazing the moon in the story and people appreciating the art are close. We hope the art would be able to be in sympathy among the people who’re in different situation.

Board Members

Koh Yoshida

director, curator

Mio Yoshida