AFFORDABLE ART FAIR 2018 IN HAMBURG / Kenoni, Yusaku Kubo, Kazuya Sakaki

Tsukiyo to Syonen is taking part in “Affordable Art Fair 2018 in Hamburg” from 15th to 18th of November. 80 galleries from all over the world is going to showcasing a huge array of contemporary art. We are showing art works by three Japanese artists Kenoni, Yusaku Kubo, Kazuya Sakaki.

Artists : Kenoni, Yusaku Kubo, Kazuya Sakaki
Schedule:15th November, 2018 to 18th November, 2018
Venue:Stand G11, Hamburg Messe u. Congress GmbH
Hall A3 (Entrance Lagerstrasse Gate A3), 20357 Hamburg, Germany

KENONI is an artist duo formed by Min Sakamoto & Ayako Takano. Using things surrounding their daily life, they create mysterious and charming figures and objects resembling animals, humans or gods.
Newly born figures created with numerous objects that went through so many people’s hands: those singing and dancing figures filled with lively feelings seem as if they wandered into our space from another world by mere chance.

Yusaku Kubo is abstract artist. his works, drawn with strokes that are highly elaborated and possibly possessing madness, seem a little too expressive to be abstract. We never can take my eyes away from those black lines, as if we are making prayers.

Yusaku Kubo was born in 1980. He is largely self-taught as an artist and long lasting interest in arts began in his teenage years. He held his solo shows more than 20 times since 2000 in Japan.

Kazuya Sakaki born in Tokushima, Japan /1974
He started his career as an illustrator and drew a lot of portraits on the streets. Few years later, those works were published as an art book titled ‘Portraits’. After slight break he turned his new career into a painter in 2008. He has moved to a small village in the mountain of Shikoku island and painting about nature since 2011.