Where I am When I am not here / Ayaka Nishi, Carsten Rabe, Jessica Leinen

Artist : Ayaka Nishi, Carsten Rabe, Jessica Leinen
Date:13rd April, 2019 to 28th April, 2019
Venue:Chidori Bunnka
5-2-28 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-City,
559-0011 Japan

Galerie Speckstraße (Hamburg, Germany) and Tsukiyo to Syonen (Ashiya, Japan) are working together to realize an ambitious project called “Where I am When I am not here”.
This project has begun a long journey from the exhibition at Galerie Speckstraße by Ayaka Nishi, Carsten Rabe and Jessica Leinen in November, 2018 at Hamburg.
And we are pleased to announce that our 2nd exhibition will be held in April, 2019 at Osaka Japan.

We’re living in a borderless world where every single person and thing is connected through the internet, and yet spread out increasingly due to globalisation. However, we may feel that our foothold is wavering when we stop unexpectedly. Thus we inquire again into what are the possibilities of art. In this instance, art is the record of a dialogue between two small communities which are far away from each other, one in Germany the other in Japan. We’d like you to imagine: “Where I am When I am not here”. You might find a ray of hope if you think about some friends who live abroad, far away, or think about the distant future in which the generations of your child or grandchild generation live.

Ayaka Nishi‘s practice takes as its starting point the Japanese literary tradition of ‘monogatari’, which is an extended prose narrative tale, comparable to an epic, and often related to the oral tradition of the telling and retelling of stories. In Nishi’s case this relates to the anthropomorphisation of natural objects, where pebbles, twigs and shells etc are found to possess a small voice; in the work, even artefacts like old books, broken glass and plastic packages are found to speak, and these voices allow the artist to construct tales and conversations.

Nishi’s work takes the form of collage, drawing, lithography and installation and aims to create poetic and nostalgic feelings in the viewer, summoning the viewer to a place between dreaming and waking when experiencing the work.

Carsten Rabe (*1975) is a fine-art photographer and curator living in Hamburg. He has exhibited his photographs in national and international solo and group shows since 2000. In Carsten Rabes art-works he uses documentary photography to explore the beauty of the ordinary and the present. His motives reflect on our everyday actions and examine people in their living environments. His Fotobook “blossom” was nominated for the German Fotobook Award 2016.

For the past 15 years he has been based at Westwerk Hamburg, where he works as curator and coordinator of the exhibition program. Since 2002 he curated several institutional exhibitions and was involved in different gallery projects like, “Projektraum R”, Galerie Speckstrasse, Westwerk, MOM-Artspace. From 2010 on, he has curated larger group and concept exhibitions in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Magdeburg and Paris.

Jessica Leinen born in 1987 in Berlin, studied sculpture and time-based media at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (University of Fine Arts) in Hamburg under Mat Mullican and Ceal Floyer. She completed her studies in 2016 with a master’s degree. Since then she has been living and working in Hamburg and Berlin. She has presented her work since 2009 in various exhibitions and projects in Hamburg, Berlin, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Beirut, Zurich and Tel Aviv. In 2014 she was awarded the Artist Researcher Award from the Cluster of Excellence/Max-Planck-Institute.

Jessica Leinen’s works explore encounters between scientific methods of factual verification and everyday phenomena of irresolvable prodigiousness. This approach is undertaken primarily in the realms of drawing and sculpture, whereby the materials and technology she employs alternate between classical pencil drawings and ceramics, but also objects of everyday use, laboratory supplies and building materials.