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moogabooga from Kiyose, Tokyo

COVID-19. How did we conduct ourselves in response to the coronavirus, an invisible otherness, that abruptly appeared before our eyes?How are the two from moogabooga, who make a living by breathing life into objects in their animation, currently living and creating?

Megumi Ishiwata & FUJI|||||||||||TA from Otsuki, Japan

This time I was fortunate enough to visit FUJI|||||||||||TA and his partner Megumi Ishiwata, an artist, in Otsuki, Yamanshi, where they live together, and interview them. I have visited their place several times, and thinking about going there again brought me a sense of comfort.

Motoshi Tsuda from Kobe, Japan

I felt a strong urge to visit artists and directly hear them talk. Artist, Motoshi Tsuda. At his studio in Kobe, I asked him what he had been thinking about, and what he had been painting.

message from “Miraiken”

Tsukiyo to Syonen, will be restarting its web media "Miraiken" from spring 2020. During this time, we would like to feel the breeze that blows towards the sphere of the future through the words of artists.

Saito Camel from Fukuoka, Japan

As an artist who absorbs the little joys and sorrows of everyday life, what could he be feeling? How does he gaze at the world? What kind of future does he envision?
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