CONTENTS: I’m here…

Han Yun Liang from Kami, Kochi

Taiwanese artist, Han Yun Liang. As she is someone who is devoted to her creations while living far away from home, I was interested in hearing her thoughts during this pandemic.

moogabooga from Kiyose, Tokyo

COVID-19. How did we conduct ourselves in response to the coronavirus, an invisible otherness, that abruptly appeared before our eyes?How are the two from moogabooga, who make a living by breathing life into objects in their animation, currently living and creating?

Megumi Ishiwata & FUJI|||||||||||TA from Otsuki, Japan

This time I was fortunate enough to visit FUJI|||||||||||TA and his partner Megumi Ishiwata, an artist, in Otsuki, Yamanshi, where they live together, and interview them. I have visited their place several times, and thinking about going there again brought me a sense of comfort.

Motoshi Tsuda from Kobe, Japan

I felt a strong urge to visit artists and directly hear them talk. Artist, Motoshi Tsuda. At his studio in Kobe, I asked him what he had been thinking about, and what he had been painting.
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